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The city of Tarragona, situated in the north-east of Spain, is the most southern capital of Catalonia. It is placed in the Mediterranean coast and the area is rich in beautiful beaches and roman ruins. It is less than 100 km far from Barcelona and very well connected to it by car, bus or train (1 hour trip approx.) and only 2.5 hours far from the Pyrenees.

The climate is Mediterranean, so winters are mild, with lowest temperatures around +5°C with almost no snow (once every several years) and warm sunny summers, great to enjoy the beautiful beaches surrounding Tarragona.

Tarragona is a quiet city (145000 people) that offers many possibilities of culture and leisure. Open-air activities are very usual in the city, especially in summer, thanks to the high number of sunny days per year. Popular celebrations from june to september are very attractive, with a long history of tradition and very appreciated by the people from Tarragona.

Tarragona and the area is very appreciated by the so-called "castells", a kind of traditional unique human towers which achieve a height of 9 or even 10 levels.