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magnetism nanostructures surface science photochemistry

Actual h-index: 44

Overview of topics by domain

Heterogeneous Catalysis:

:: Reactivity of Insaturated Hydrocarbons on metallic surfaces: Cu, Pd, Pt, Rh;
:: Catalytic oxidation of ammonia on metallic surfaces: Pt, Pt-Rh

Homogeneous Catalysis and Electronic Structure:

:: Design of new catalysts for sustainable processes
:: Polyoxoanions: electronic structure and reactivity
:: Fullerenes and metallic fullerenes properties

Photochemical reactivity:

:: Biological systems of interest: ultrafast deactivation of nucleic bases
:: Photochromic molecules: potential molecular devices

Molecular magnetism and in extent systems:

:: Magnetic coupling in transition metal complexes
:: Rationalization of systems with spin-crossover

Industrial sectors where QCG research lines can be applied

:: Materials
:: Environment
:: Catalysis
:: Pharmaceutical

Specific training offered by the research group

:: Molecular Modeling